The Adventures of Huckleberry Finnegan (a novel combining two classics, and it has aliens too)


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On August 8, 1937, James Joyce wrote to his step-grandson, the eighteen year-old American David Fleischman:

I have sent you registered a book you certainly will have read as a young boy, probably more than once. I need to know something about it. I never read it and have nobody to read it to me and it takes too much time with all I am doing. Could you perhaps refresh your memory by a hasty glance through and then dictate to your mother … an account of the plot in general as if it were a new book the tale of which you had to narrate in a book review. After that I should like you to mark with blue pencil in the margin the most important passages of the plot itself and in red pencil here and there wherever the words or dialogue seem to call for the special attention of a European. Don’t care about spoiling the book. It is a cheap edition. If you can then return it to me soon I shall try to use whatever bears upon what I am doing. (Selected Letters 387)

Joyce critics have drawn two conclusions from this letter. The first is that quotations from Huckleberry Finn [the book to which Joyce refers] is a conclusion supported by a perusal of the Huck Finn pages of a Wake workbook at Buffalo.

The second conclusion drawn from the letter is that “despite his many references to Mark Twain, Joyce never read him.” Anthony Burgess writes that Joyce’s interest in Twain was “mainly verbal,” and remarks “sadly, it has to be confessed that Joyce was no real Mark Twain scholar.” The consensus appears to be that Joyce simply cannibalized Twain’s novel, took various phrases from it further to universalize his Wake, to give it some American color.

In his recent study of Joyce, John Bishop rejects this view. He argues that “the spectral transaction by which Huckleberry Finn actually does find its way into Finnegans Wake suggests quite the opposite of what is usually assumed by people referring to this [the Fleischman] letter. Joyce knew the novel quite well”. Unfortunately, Bishop’s reading of the Joyce/Twain intertext is undeveloped, limited to one text paragraph and two long notes.

In the spirit of Joyce’s ransacking, or “appropriating” Twain’s novel for Finnegan’s Wake, Van Buskirk smashes the texts of Huckleberry Finn and Finnegan’s Wake inside the “Large Hadron Collider,” the world’s largest high speed particle accelerator, or “Atom Smasher,” and violently melds the two texts into a new universe, a new novel!

Therefore, Todd Van Buskirk presents the thesis of his new novel (as an appropriated plot) that fits perfectly with the text:

Huckleberry Finnegan is a girl with one ear that’s been pronounced completely deaf. However, unknown to everyone around her, she can actually hear a parallel universe, just a whisper away from her own. In that universe, Huckleberry is a boy with a very similar condition, only it affects his right eye. With one eye he can see into an alternate universe (our own). Neither can interact with what they see/hear in any way … until they find each other…


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