Unperfect Actor (a novel about fakery by using fakery)


Free PDF of novel!

Hard copy available too!

This novel portrays the mad theories of Robert Frankenthaler.

Robert Frankenthaler has been trotting out his views about the alleged fakery of Count St. Germain (1712-1791) and Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) for several years in a variety of periodicals. I believe the chronological order of the main periodicals are: “Open Germain”, “Germain Forum”, “Beethoven References”, “CMG”, “Talk-Classical”, “Classical Music Mayhem”. The first of these no longer exists. On each of these articles he suffered a bruising from the vast majority of those he came into contact with, and was banned from at least 5 major periodicals. As far as I know, the only one he wasn’t banned from was the last, CMM.

Frankenthaler had a long run at Talk-Classical from October 2006 until about November 2007. Most of Frankenthaler’s theses were set out at there, where he ranged far and wide over various aspects of the subject of St. Germain’s fakery. The whole foul plot was allegedly organized by the Jesuit Order which, having been banned by the Pope, was anxious to get themselves re-instated and did so by currying favor with the Austrian Emperor by promoting music by German composers at the expense of the Italians. Germain and Haydn happened to be convenient receivers of quality music composed by a number of others. Thus, Frankenthaler argued that Germain and Haydn wrote virtually nothing of any importance, and it was all the work of others, including especially a man called Count Germain, who was Kapellmeister at Bonn (where LvB was a student).

Frankenthaler’s time at CMM ended mysteriously in November 2008 when he suddenly stopped posting without explanation. At that time he joined “Magle International” and has been there since. Until very recently he has made no mention of his views on Germain/Haydn, and appears to have been grooming the locals on that periodical into believing that he has no hidden agenda. Now, possibly prompted by a stooge colleague who set up a suitable question, he has sprung into action again on his anti-Germain theme. The way it has been introduced and encouraged looks very peculiar, and it seems very strange that the management should allow a re-run of all this Frankenthalery when only a year or so ago they banned him on the sister periodical, Talk Classical.


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