Epic Allen Ginsberg Style Poem


Free PDF!

Conceptual artist Todd Van Buskirk offers his third book-length computer generated poem.


When each soon-passing each soon-passing truth becomes truth becomes a lie. Reach a lie.

Reach out, read out, read hope amidst hope amidst the falling the falling snows: Some acrid snows: Some acrid truth, a truth, a buoyant licensee, Abundant buoyant licensee, Abundant light, receipts light, receipts of earthly of earthly woes; Then meet woes; Then meet instead one instead one earth’s dull earth’s dull history. To read, history. To read, to learn, to learn, within this within this hateful sphere When hateful sphere When men in men in arms the arms the battlegrounds foreswore Shall battlegrounds foreswore Shall any good any good in these in these tart words tart words appear?

What lost appear?

Hold hope Bill Laabs.

Hold hope abstract and abstract and count the count the tired sum O tired sum O face his face his sad tomb, sad tomb, note the note the gentle strum. gentle strum. The weather-tingèd The weather-tingèd moon unfolds moon unfolds its ray To its ray To play of play of idle art idle art when summer’s when summer’s nigh. Now try nigh. Now try and read and read this short this short life’s résumé See life’s résumé See towns through towns through peace, man’s peace, man’s chosen alibi. There chosen alibi. There men could men could fashion paradise fashion paradise that glows: This that glows: This balance-tried secure balance-tried secure autonomy, The ocean autonomy, The ocean ripe, a ripe, a friendly gust friendly gust that blows; These that blows; These hold the hold the tired mountains tired mountains earnestly. That then earnestly. That then was hailed was hailed The Perilous The Perilous Frontier When we Frontier When we bound migrants bound migrants feel the feel the monster’s roar Will monster’s roar Will ghost parades ghost parades donate a donate a thorny spear?

Tell thorny spear?

Tell much as much as love’s forgotten love’s forgotten in the in the drawer. To stretch drawer. To stretch as dead as dead and touch and touch the iron the iron plumb The motions plumb The motions granted to granted to the faceless the faceless bum. The bum. The demon saw demon saw our strength our strength in life in life today In grammar today In grammar fully shown fully shown the poets the poets die. The new-found die. The new-found milder terrorists milder terrorists sashay Because men sashay Because men rose at rose at once with once with plans so plans so high. The spread high. The spread outlines a outlines a team of team of highland crows: A highland crows: A mist at mist at noon, a noon, a cheesy cultured cheesy cultured Brie, That fiercely Brie, That fiercely hated blow, hated blow, a spurting a spurting nose; These hostile nose; These hostile thrones demand thrones demand neutrality. Of health neutrality. Of health and roles and roles within the within the trip austere When trip austere When we bound we bound migrants feel mi-grants feel the monster’s the monster’s roar Ahead do roar Ahead do pawnshop trolleys pawnshop trolleys start in start in gear?


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